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If you have information on the artist or his work, or would like to submit a contribution to this site,

please contact me at:

Sonia de Grandmaison

Fine Art Broker and Consultant


206 954 5800



3 Responses to “Contact info”

  1. very interesting page. we have an original pastal by your father (so we believe) of my mother. done when she was four or five years old. she was born in 1942, in winnipeg. wondering if you have any insight to its relavence or significance in HIS portfolio.
    thank you very much, brian

    • Hello Brian:

      Please forgive my delay in responding to your comment but I have been traveling. So pleased that you found my site and I would be happy to have a look at the pastel if you could email me all the relevant info including your mother’s name and the names of her parents. As my father lived in Winnipeg when he first came to Canada from England, there were many paintings of his purchased by collectors and art buyers who resided there at the time.

      Although he did not document the paintings he did if they were a private commission, which it sounds like this was, he would sometimes write the name of the subject on the back of the pastel sheet. I am assuming this is in the original frame and maybe you have not opened it or seen the back.

      Please send photos of the front, the signature and the back of the pastel with the inside dimensions and I can then confirm that it is an original work by my father.

      If you have any other questions, please let me know.

      I look forward to seeing the work and am pleased that we will be able to positively identify the subject as your mother as this is important for future reference and will add value to the work.


      Sonia de Grandmaison

  2. How do I contact an expert in Nicholas de Grandmaison. I haave a painting that I wish somebody to see. It has been in the family for 50 years and my grandmother said it is a Nicholas de Grandmaison. The signature is very difficult to read.
    Watt Smith

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