Drawn from the Past: The Portraits and Practices of Nicholas de Grandmaison

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Drawn from the Past

DRAWN FROM THE PAST: The Portraits and Practices of Nicholas de Grandmaison
Author: Gordon Snyder
Introduction by Joan Murray
11″ X 9.5″
$40.00 – soft cover
$85.00 – hard cover
ISBN: 0-9794282
Publisher: Snyder Fine Arts, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Ship out of Luck: Nicholas de Grandmaison Exhibit

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Courtesy University of Lethbridge Art Gallery

A portrait of Good Eagle from the Siksika Nation (date unknown) by Nicholas de Grandmaison. Nicholas de Grandmaison’s portraits of natives and settlers of early Alberta are elegant, historically significant and probably not coming to a Canadian city near you. To see this exhibit you might have to travel to the U.S.

Unless the federal government intervenes to keep a specialized art and artifact trucking service on the road, art collections like the de Grandmaison exhibition from the University of Lethbridge’s art gallery will stay closer to home in the future. Time is running out for Exhibit Transportation Services, which since the late 1970s has used its small fleet of climate-controlled trucks to link Canada’s far-flung museums and galleries.

ETS ships artwork and artifacts from any two points in the country. It is a cost-recovery program, meaning galleries pay for the actual cost of shipping. The Canadian Conservation Institute, which administers the Department of Canadian Heritage program, announced the cancellation of ETS last April because the Canada Revenue Agency had ruled that its truckers could no longer be employed on a contract basis. After March 31, when ETS drops off its last load, art galleries will be forced to switch to private companies to ship art. Sharing works between different parts of the country will become too costly for many curators and gallery directors to contemplate.

Without the program in place, “The cost of shipping exhibitions across Canada is going to increase significantly,” says Shawn Van Sluys, executive director of the Canadian Art Museum Directors’ Organization. “Travelling exhibitions are going to be far fewer.”

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Drawn from the Past – Art Gallery of Alberta May 24-August 10, 2008

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